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Chicken Bacon Corn Chowder


My husband is famous around our home for his roast chicken dinners. Being as it’s just the two of us newlyweds we can’t finish an entire roast chicken between the two of us. So, I came up with a recipe to use up our leftover chicken. Chicken Corn Bacon Chowder!  It was such a hit […] Read more…

Lemon Sugar Cookies

lemon sugar cookies

December is here and that means that the holiday season has officially arrived. With that also heralds in the baking season. Every year like many others, I like to give baked goodies to family and friends over the holidays. This holiday season I wanted to try something new, so I came up with this twist […] Read more…

Easy Homemade Tomato Sauce


One of the most important questions I ask myself when grocery shopping is “Is it preservative free?” I ask this because most preservatives are just plain bad for you. It’s unnatural for most food to last as long as it does and that kind of scares me, because you can imagine what that is doing […] Read more…

White Truffle Oil Kale Chips Recipe


Summer is coming and we all know what that means…. bikinis, mini skirts and short shorts. Lately, I have been trying to keep that in mind and eat healthier. I’ll tell ya it, ain’t always easy as we all know! I’ve been trying new healthy recipes here and there. I’ve posted about kale chips before […] Read more…

Ukrainian Borscht Recipe


It’s Fall and we all want comfort food, right? Naturally I was craving my Baba and Papa’s good old Ukrainian home cooking but alas they live far away. However, being the good Ukrainian girl that I am I decided to make my own big ‘ol pot of borscht. I have posted a borscht recipe on […] Read more…

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