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Christmas Giveaway!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I absolutely love the holiday season! I’m always so excited to decorate the house, bake holiday treats, send out Christmas cards etc. Every Christmas my fiance and I always try to do something to give back to those less fortunate. We usually pick a different charity or […] Read more…

Easy Homemade Tomato Sauce


One of the most important questions I ask myself when grocery shopping is “Is it preservative free?” I ask this because most preservatives are just plain bad for you. It’s unnatural for most food to last as long as it does and that kind of scares me, because you can imagine what that is doing […] Read more…

The Telegram


Here’s the lowdown of what I have been up to this past week. Hope you’re having a fab week, xo! I put up my Christmas tree! I was too excited and just had to start the holiday cheer early. Instead of a tree topper I found this vintage looking ‘Merry Christmas’ sign and thought it […] Read more…

Betty’s Fall Favourites

bettycollage copy

With the changing seasons come changing fashion, food and decor. Here are a few of my favourite Fall finds that I have discovered and am loving right now. I would love to know what are some of your favourite Fall trends? CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE AND READ.   Read more…

Wine Sensory Lab Coming To Penticton


Exciting news out of Penticton today! For anyone interested in pursuring a career in the wine industry this is fantastic news. Okanagan College in Penticton has just received $300,000 in funding towards the new wine lab from the BC Wine Information Society. Here is what the press release has to say:     I for […] Read more…

Betty Dish At Veranda Beach


Earlier this month I was thrilled to be invited to spend the weekend at Veranda Beach Resort!   Veranda Beach is located on the Washington State  side of Osoyoos Lake, in the little town of Oroville. The resort community is located on the water and has amazing 360 degree views. However, it wasn’t just the […] Read more…

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