Love is Sweet, Have a Treat

This past weekend I got a jump start on summer travel season and went to Alberta. My Uncle got married in a lovely little beach-side town just north of Edmonton. It was a Scottish/Ukrainian wedding and could not have been more fun. Now, before I get into the rest of my foodie adventure story let me just say a massive congratulations to my Uncle and his gem of bride.

The wedding ceremony was lovely and afterwards we had perogies and holupsti (cabbage rolls) at the reception! Followed by cupcakes, lots and lots of cupcakes.

Personalized mocha and vanilla bean cupcakes at the wedding reception.


Matt & I at the reception

The next day after the wedding we had the best breakfast buffet at my Uncle’s beach side home afterwards. It was so good I didn’t even take the time to stop and take a picture, although I’m sure someone did so I will try and find a photo of it afterwards. There was an array of fresh baked muffins, fruit, yogurt, quiche, eggs, sausage, hash, ham, vegetables and more. It was the biggest buffet I had ever seen!

On Sunday on our way to the airport we stopped on the famous Whyte Ave. in Edmonton. If you are ever in Edmonton it is so worth checking out and going for a stroll down. It is full of unique shops and restaurants.

A bar on Whyte Ave. in Edmonton. Sounds like my kind of place!

First we stumbled upon the Edmonton Turkish Festival that was going on in a nearby park that has all the traditional Turkish food and music which was fun, then we headed over to Alberta’s own famous Mexican restaurant Julio’s Barrio for a Mexican snack with some friends.

It began to rain so we hid out from the rain in one of Whyte Ave’s funky coffee shops and I had a warm chai tea.

Despite what the mug says, there really was tea in there.


My absolute favourite place we went to on Whyte Ave. was Coney Island Candy.

Inside Coney Island Candy in Edmonton

Stepping into this little candy shoppe can only be described as stepping into a magical, retro, carnival fun house. Totally up my alley! They have all the funkiest nostalgic candies like worm lollipops, candy cigarettes, a British candy selection and the world’s largest gummy bear.

The World's Largest Gummy bear nestled safely like Snow White in his protective case.

I couldn’t even begin to list all the neat candies this place carries. Not only do they have candy they also have a fortune teller, a fun house mirror and they play retro candy themed cartoons too!

Zoltar the fortune telling gypsy at Coney Island Candy

Such a fun place, I love their passion for what they do there and their popcorn jelly bellys too.

To find out more about Coney Island Candy shoppe in Edmonton check out their website

It was beautiful weekend, full of fun, love, laughter and good food.

PS: for a really sweet candyland treat check out me, my sister, Matt and my dad (we all had small parts in Katy Perry’s music video!) 😉

Click here for a sweet video.

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