My Pregnancy Journey So Far

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Well, since I am now almost 31 weeks along in pregnancy I wanted to share a little update (bumpdate) on how my pregnancy is going so far.

My husband took this photo in our baby’s nursery earlier this week. The nursery is almost complete, a few more finishing touches but it’s nearly there! Decorating the nursery has been a labour of love (pun intended!). When I was planning my wedding last year it was so much fun picking out all the items and imagining how they’d look all together on the big day. The nice thing about setting up a nursery is that I don’t have to wait to see how everything will look all together. The only thing I needed to complete it is our sweet baby!

Once the nursery is completely done I plan on sharing a nursery photo shoot. I might wait on that until after our baby sees it first though, it is has been designed with love especially for baby after all!

Pregnancy wise I have had a dare I say, an ‘easy’ pregnancy. I think because I was expecting the worst as my Mom was very sick with all of her pregnancies I was bracing myself and prepared for that. I think so far it’s not as rough as I thought it was going to be which is a very pleasant surprise!

26 weeks pregnant at Davison Orchards in Vernon

26 weeks pregnant at Davison Orchards in Vernon

That being said, it’s also no walk in the park. For me heart burn has been the biggest annoyance and the hormone called relaxin has come on early which will hopefully be great for labour in a few months but makes everything a bit achy and sore right now. I kind of feel like a creaky old woman at this point, haha.

Everything with the baby has been looking good so that’s all that matters. I will definitely take feeling like a 90 year old woman when I walk as long as baby is healthy.

We have started birth classes which have been really informative. I am talking REALLY INFORMATIVE! We choose private classes with a doula which makes everything personalized to what our birth plan is which is really nice. I had a moment at our first birthing class when I walked into the room covered in anatomy charts, baby dolls and birth quotes everywhere. It was an overwhelming feeling and big realization when the doula started talking about how it takes all of your inner strength as a woman to give birth. In that moment is really hit me that wow, I am going to go through this difficult yet incredible experience that my body and mind has never done before. I feel so honoured to be joining the sisterhood of all the women before me who have given birth across the world for centuries. However, I am definitely nervous. We have our last birthing class later this week and I am really looking forward to learning more and the hospital tour.

materntiy style autumn

7 months pregnant at the family vineyard in Osoyoos

My baby shower is coming up in a few weeks and I am really excited about that. I’ll be sure to share pictures on my blog after the party. In the mean time you can join me on Instagram @Betty_Dish. I try to post daily over there. Thanks for following along on my journey and if you have any pregnancy related tips please comment or send me a message, I’ll happily take all the advice that I can get!

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