My New Year’s Resolutions

clock styled desktopIt’s the last day of 2016! This morning my husband and I made French Toast (for the first time!) and are spending a quiet New Year’s Eve at home together. Usually we go up to the cabin at the ski hill to celebrate with family and friends, but being so close to my due date our midwives have advised us not to travel. I’m actually quite content to be relaxing at home, in hibernation mode.

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I’ve been reflecting on the past year as well as thinking about what I would like to strive for in 2017. This year has been a big one for me here is a sprinkling of my year’s highlights.

2016 Highlights:

  1. Became pregnant (the highlight of my life!)
  2. Turned 30
  3. Celebrated our first wedding anniversary
  4. Grew my businesses
  5. Traveled to Toronto with my sister, Tofino surf trip with family, drove halfway across Canada to Manitoba on a road trip with my husband,
  6. Finally got a cruiser bike (which I have been dreaming of forever!)
  7. Went to a Beyonce concert with my sister and sister-in-law
On-set of The Social in Toronto with my sister

On-set of The Social in Toronto with my sister


A stop in Lake Louise on our Manitoba Road trip this summer.

A stop in Lake Louise with my husband on our Manitoba Road trip this summer


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Ahhh my beautiful bike that my husband gifted me for my 30th birthday. I’m looking forward to taking her on many more rides this coming year!


There have been a lot of memories made this year which I will treasure and those are just a few. Going forward in 2017 here are some of my resolutions and goals.

2017 New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Welcoming our baby into the world –  I am hoping for a happy and healthy delivery. I read a quote on Pinterest that said, ‘ My baby, created in love will be birthed in love’ and that is the mantra that I am repeating to myself. I could write a book on everything I am excited about that is baby related! I’ll keep it short and sweet on here for now and just say that I am over the moon happy and excited to welcome him into the world and experience life with him and my husband over the next year.

2. Health goals –  Being pregnant this past year I have gained a healthy amount of baby weight. I haven’t gone over the recommended weight gain, however after the holidays I have yet to weigh myself.. I’m not too concerned about a number because I know that everyone’s body gains what it is supposed to for their baby. After the baby is born and we settle into our new life I plan on working to lose the baby weight, not just for myself but in order to be the healthiest I can be as a mother.

3. Grow my businesses – I am grateful for all the support from clients and customers this year who have helped me meet my business goals with Belle Raquelle Acccessories and my marketing business, Betty Dish Media. I’m looking forward to continued growth with my businesses. With both Belle Raquelle and Betty Dish Media my goal is to bring happiness into my clients lives that help them meet their goals as well.

There are a few more personal goals I’d like to work on. Mainly I’d like to be the best version of myself! Hoping for a happy, healthy, peaceful and successful new year. I wish the same to you and your family. Thank you for taking an interest in my little space on the internet and taking the time to read my musings. This year I’ve enjoyed connecting with so many of you and hope to continue sharing online.

Happy New Year!

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