I’ve always liked changing my hair styles, colour, length etc. Recently I’ve been inspired to go even bolder and try a more vibrant colour. On Pinterest, Instagram and real life I’ve seen girls do all sorts of different fun colours. Although I think these look fab on all these ladies I wasn’t so sure if it was for me, or at least if I could rock it everyday. However, I recently stumbled upon an article about hair chalk. Hair chalk is highly pigmented chalk that is rubbed onto your hair and lasts 1-2 washes. AH-HA! A great way to dip my toe into temporary mermaid hair! So I set out to find hair chalk, I did my research online and discovered out that Kevin Murphy (famous hair stylist extraordinaire and creator of my fave shampoo) developed his own brand of hair chalk called color.bug. I searched everywhere for the color.bug but I could not find it anywhere from BC-ALBERTA. Finally, a few weeks ago while on a shopping trip in Vancouver I wandered into Blanche MacDonald beauty school where alas they had one pink color bug left! I snatched it up and excitedly brought it home.

Before applying the color bug I watched a few YouTube tutorial videos. They all showed different techniques for chalk application. This one below is what I found worked best.


I will say it was a big of a messy experience but I loved the results in my hair! I think I’ll keep this up for fun occasions in the summer and just dip in the lake to wash it out. Would you try hair chalk?

Pink hair and posing with the art at Liquidity Bistro at my 30th Birthday dinner

Pink hair and posing with the art at Liquidity Bistro at my 30th Birthday dinner

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  1. Candy
    April 25, 2016 at 7:02 pm (2 years ago)

    Yes, I think I would try hair chalk for fun. I like the idea that it washes out.


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