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This past weekend we went on our first family trip. We traveled by car and boat and car again to the Sunshine Coast for a friends wedding. I was excited to take Bennett there for the first time, especially as it was our family vacation together. We have gone up to the cabin but never as far away as this. We decided it would be best for baby if we didn’t bring him to the wedding and had my sister come along as our nanny for the weekend. For the trip we obviously needed a place to stay and I began searching for places on Airbnb. We needed somewhere with space for all 4 of us, a kitchen to heat up food for baby, lots of play area for him and of course it had to be a fun and pretty space. I ended up finding a place called The Sleepout on Airbnb that looked like my Pinterest dream cottage!

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After a long journey we finally arrived at The Sleepout B&B and it was just as charming as I had hoped!

welcome basketThe welcome basket that our host put out for us was filled with goodies like chocolate, eggs from the chickens right outside, a fresh loaf of bread, organic lemonade, coffee beans and more.


The wildflower garden in the backyard was magical! Bennett loved looking at all the bright coloured flowers and playing outside (much needed after our long day of traveling). The backyard was decorated with bunting banner and had quaint twinkly hanging lights in the tree.


There was a lot of space and even a fire pit which we probably would have used if there hadn’t been a fire ban in the area (oh well, next time) The backyard garden area looked even more magical at night.

night garden

It was our first time being away from baby for so long but my we knew that he was in good hands with his Auntie who was all too excited to spend so much time with him. We were able to Facetime and she sent us photos through out the day. Seriously what did parents do before cell phones?! Despite missing baby we had a fun time at my friends wedding at the Westcoast Wilderness Lodge which was an absolutely stunning wedding venue. #ParentsNightOut

westcoast wilderness lodge

The next morning we enjoyed the goodies out of the welcome basket from our Airbnb host. It was really nice to already have breakfast ingredients on hand and a fully stocked kitchen. A funny coincidence which we couldn’t believe was that there were just three coffee mugs and each one represented something special to us, sounds strange I know but allow me to explain… One coffee mug had ‘ You Are My Sunshine’ written on it, which if you read my previous blog post you know that was the theme to Bennett’s Sip & See party. The other coffee mug had a giant S on it which is the first letter of our last name. The third coffee mug was adorned with a bee on it, which is what we called Bennett all the time as a nickname (Honey B). To really top off all the coincidences, there were two matching glasses that each had an N engraved on them, which is the first letter of me and my sisters names. Maybe I’m crazy or maybe that was my life summed up in glassware, who knows? Haha! Either way, I knew right then and there that I chose the right place to stay for our first family vacation.

roberts creek breakfast

We enjoyed our Sunday morning at The Sleepout and of course I had to drink my morning tea from the Honey B mug!

honey bee mug, mother and son, family airbnb, air bnb canada, roberts creek bc

I took about a million photos of B on this bed in the morning and each one was so adorable. I’ll try to contain myself and just post this one of him…

cute baby, Canadian baby, sunshine coast, roberts creek, the sleepout bnbHis cuteness is too much for this mama to take!!

After a relaxing morning we packed up our things and set out to explore Gibsons before heading out on the ferry back to Vancouver. We walked through the lower village along the seaside, headed out to the pier and enjoyed the sunshine. The town was bustling with everyone there that weekend for the Sea Cavalcade.

gibsons bc, gibsons pier

Our first family trip was a lot of fun, I love showing our little guy the sights and seeing him so interested in the world around him. We are off again soon for our next family summer vacation to Manitoba to introduce Bennett to my family on the prairies. It will be his first time on a plane, if you have any baby plane tips please send them my way!

If you’re thinking about in staying at an Airbnb for your next vacation, sign up using my link below you’ll get $50 CAD off your first trip! Just click the link or paste the address in your browser.

Happy summer travels!

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