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Last week my sister and I fulfilled a shared dream… to watch The Social be filmed live! We’re both big fans of the Canadian talk show and the hosts. It’s a show for the modern girl, the hosts are fun, stylish and they talk about Canadian topics and products which is refreshing.


We’ve been talking about taking this trip to Toronto for a while and we finally set a date. I signed up to get free tickets to the filming and after waiting for a few days we finally found out we had got the tickets! We took the red-eye flight from Calgary to Toronto so we didn’t get much sleep by the time we landed and had to be downtown at CTV studios for filming by noon.

Our taxi dropped us off at the iconic CTV building where we waited in line with all other excited audience members. With our e-mail ticket confirmation the instructions for what to wear read, ‘ Attending The Social is like having a celebratory lunch with your best friends!  You will be on TV, so be sure to look stylish. BRIGHT COLOURS look best on camera.’ So, we took that to heart and made sure to wear our boldest tops!

Selfie in the audience waiting area at CTV studios.

Selfie in the audience waiting area at CTV studios.

While in line the big windows were open where we could see the hosts of the show rehearsing. Jess Allen spotted us peaking in and waved, my sister and I had a little fan girl moment!

Inside CTV we walked past the Marilyn Dennis studios which I had seen once before when I was in Toronto for my role as a Mercedes-Benz Social Reporter. We were greeted by a friendly CTV staffer who’s job it is to pump up the audience pre-show. All of us audience members gathered in the a waiting where he literally put on a comedy routine for about half an hour and had everyone is stitches, he was so entertaining! He also talked to all of us about what was expected from as audience members which included being enthusiastic. He went over the topics of the days show and asked us to be vocal about our opinions if we agreed or not. After our pump up speech we were called in my groups to enter the studio. My sister and I made the first cut and were placed in the front row, near the staircase where the hosts first walk out. We were thrilled, another big fan girl moment!

Lainey Liu & Kate Beirness, two of the days co-hosts posed for photos with us after the show.

Lainey Liu & Kate Beirness, two of the days co-hosts posed for photos with us after the show.

Showtime began and with each commercial break the jovial staffer who gave us the pump up speech was behind the camera encouraging us to be excited and clap and he even danced for us! Obviously we were already so excited about being there it wasn’t hard for us do. There were prizes for the most expressive audience members but despite our best efforts we didn’t get chosen. We did get plenty of TV time though!

The guests of the day were stylist, Peter Papapetrou and Team Canada’s Invictus Game Captain, Bruno Guevremont.

You can watch clips of the show and a few audience cut-a-ways to us here:

After the show we were able to meet the lovely hosts, take pictures with them and of course get our pictures taken on The Social staircase!

The Social staircase It was such a fun day and I definitely recommend signing up to get free tickets yourself if you’re planing a girls trip to Toronto.

I shared our trip on Snap Chat, here’s a little video I put together of our experience on set of The Social. Watch it here: The_Social

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  1. Candy
    May 11, 2016 at 10:06 pm (2 years ago)

    Looks like fun!


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